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The Symbiosis Process

The secret purpose of the alien party system is to help the symbiont clans find recruits that are strong enough for the demands of living symbiotically. That is the primary benefit of alien fighting to the symbiont clans: the alien fighters develop a familiarity with the symbionts they bond with and bodies strong enough to withstand fusing. The process proceeds in two main stages.

In stage one, the unknowing recruit is introduced to the Borg stage symbiont. These 'borgs' take the form of a wearable alien that attaches to the head of the host. They feed from the waste and spare nutrients and energy of the host's body. They are capable of digesting human food but it is not at all nutritious, like junk food.

During this stage, the host and borg form a bond. Like it or not, they're in this together, even though they may disagree or have dissimilar personalities.

The next stage of of symbiosis is fusion. The connections host and and symbiont have formed help guide the process from here on. As more time passes, the host begins spending more and more time with the borg on. They may start to have alien-esque thoughts, or display the unique personality traits of their clan (see the clans page for details).

It should be noted that every clan handles the decision about when to fuse differently. The Drill and Grari clans wait until the host is ready and try to proceed with cooperation between both parties. The Sunflowers force fusion on their hosts. The Yellow Knives generally lure and manipulate their host's consent.

Regardless of wether it's consensual, the first step usually happens while the host is asleep. The symbiont secretes an anesthetic and sends out a kind of biological probe that burrows under their skin, attaching to their spinal column. From this point on the symbiont gradually fuses with the skin of the host. The symbiont undergoes a gradual metamorphasis and replaces the host's hair. Their hair appears identical to how it was previously, but can be used to activate all their symbiont powers. The hair of a Drill Clan member, for instance, can be formed into the same tentacle drills as in their borg stage.

A fully fused symbiont of any clan besides the Sunflower and Glorium is visually indistinguishable from a normal human, unless they are in the process of using their powers or are upset and/or angry, when their pupils change shape (for more information on that, see the clans page).

Fully fused humans feel the presence of their symbionts at all time and can mentally communicate with them. They are close to, but not quite, one person.

The Drill clan has the unique ability to detach their symbionts from their human hosts even after fusion. This is useful for spying but traumatic to both parties.

If injured very severely, it is possible to kill either human host or alien symbiont while the other remains alive. The surviving party will feel an urge to fuse with a new host or symbiont that grows stronger with time until it is almost irresistable. If unable to fuse, the bereaved host or human often goes insane.
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