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Middle/High School Number Nine is a product of the restructurings necessary in the school system since the beginning of the invasion. Several of the schools in the area became inundated with alien infestations. The education budget having been slashed that year, it was decided instead to expand the existing High School #9 to save money. A new wing was added, to serve as a middle school. Currently High School #9 serves around 900 high school students and 300 middle schoolers. With this large a school, alien attacks are frequent, requiring several alien parties.

Forest of Spaceships:

A quarantined, fenced in area behind the school, the Forest of Spaceships is essentially an alien preserve. Here can be found massive fungal trees, deadly alien wildlife and the remains of dozens of organic alien spaceships. The area is several square kilometers. It is fenced off, with a padlocked gate. Nevertheless it's become a popular dare for students to try to sneak in there.

Whose bright idea it was to position this dangerous area next to a middle and high school is not known.

Alien Containment:

Located in a large green corrugated steel warehouse next to the track field, alien containment is exactly what it sounds like, a holding environment for all the captured aliens. It is dark, dank, and generally scary. The cries of alien wildlife are loud and the sounds and odors are weird. Generally cleaning and feeding the animals here are not desired duties.

The largest specimens contained here are the bullike ushigata, who have a fenced in pen. The smaller specimens are housed in terrariums and aquariums.

Xenoscience classes and alien parties often come here to study the specimens.

The Alien Party:

Alien Parties are the teams of students that catch the aliens that land on school grounds and nearby. They are composed of between three and seven students and one or two fully fused adult advisors.

Students can be selected for the alien parties by teacher's orders or class vote. They can also volunteer for the party. Ultimately, however, the decision whether to accept or reject a student into the party is made by the advisor(s).

Members of the same alien party often develop strong bonds with each other, as well as equally strong rivalries. This often varies based on the clans in the party. For instance a party composed of a Drill, Yellow Knife and Sunflower whose advisor is a Grari would probably take quite a bit of time before they could effectively work together!

Alien party members often spend between a third and half of their school time at their duties and often spend time after school training. Because of this, they receive credit for any classes that were missed during that period. Additionally, alien party members receive prime consideration when applying for the college of their choice.

The Advisors:

Advisors are the fully fused adults who act as mentors and instructors to the alien parties. An advisor's duties are many, including training their charges, supervising them at their duties, ordering aliens they think their party members need to fight,, monitoring their party member's symbiosis processes, meeting with their charges' parents and protecting them if they appear to be in danger.

How much priority they place on those duties and how much they place on advancing their clan's agenda, however, varies widely!
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