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01. Please be polite and courteous to your fellow roleplayers.

This is a rule that transcends into every roleplaying game’s rule list. While it is a known fact that we all have moments of anger and rage, it is not wise to take it out on your fellow roleplayers. If you had a bad day, step away from the computer for a while so you can cool off.

Here at this game, the GMs want to provide a safe and fun environment for all players to enjoy. If anyone disturbs this peace, the GMs will be forced to intervene for the benefit of the community.

Harassing players in any form are not allowed and will lead to stiff penalties.

02. No God Modding & No Metagaming

Now while it is often that certain characters will have certain powers that would outmatch another, this does not give anyone the right to “god mod”. God modding is not allowed and will result into suspension if done more than once. Also, meta-gaming will not be allowed at this game.

Please do not do this. In order to ensure a fair and balanced environment, those cause metagaming or god modding will be given a warning at first before facing suspension for a second offense. If there is a third offense, you will be banned from the game no questions asked.

03. No playercest.

If we catch you apping two characters from Hetalia or two characters from Bleach who are magically within a relationship with each other for your favorite ship or what not, Yuri’s borg will drill-tentacle-rape you.

Got it? Good. No, seriously. Please do not pick up two characters from the same series in hopes of having some playercesting love.

There are plenty of characters that can be apped here and while playercesting is all fun and games, please do not do this HERE in our game.

04. Sex logs.

While sex logs are allowed here at alienparty, there are a few rules that must be followed while performing these sex logs.

All players under the age of 16 must use ”Fade to Black” for sex logs. The reason why this rule exists is because of the laws established within certain territories and provinces across the United States and beyond. The GMs will not be held responsible for any minor caught writing naughty sex logs.

If you are a minor and you app to this game pretending you are over the age of 16, you will be banned.

As for players over the age of 16, all sex logs must be friend-locked within the community.

05. This is a het/yaoi/yuri friendly game.

Please keep this in mind as you play within alienparty.The GMs will not allow for any bashing towards het/yaoi/yuri pairings. This is a mature game and it is expected that all members of this game can handle themselves accordingly.

06. Racially or homophobic slurs is strictly prohibited.

Unless it is 100% IC for your character to use these slurs, please do not use inflammatory remarks within the game (this also includes the OOC com). This is a semi-public game and we do not want to accidentally offend other people by allowing such language in the game.

This game is meant to be a safe environment and such bad language will not project that safe feeling we, the GMs, are striving for.

07. Stay IC!

Must we explain? Please remain as IC as possible while playing within alienparty. While we understand that characters are capable of growing more mature and seasoned within this environment, we do advocate that there be some sort of consistent pace within this development.
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