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Q: What is AlienParty?

A: AlienParty is an alternate universe role playing game inspired by Hitoshi Tomizawa's manga and anime series Alien 9. The characters take on the role of high school students and faculty in this world, becoming either ordinary students and teachers or members and advisors of the school's alien parties, the groups of students that are sent out to capture the various aliens that land on and around the school's grounds.

Q: Do I have to have seen or read Alien 9 to play this game?

A: Absolutely not. We provide all the information you need in the comms.

Q: Where can I find Alien 9?

A: The complete English anime and manga are available from central park media.

Q: What kind of characters are you accepting?

A: We accept characters from all kinds of fictional sources, except for characters who are actual persons from history (IE You can't play Abe Lincoln) or mythological characters that have no other fictional source (IE you cannot play a Greek god).

Q: Do you accept original characters?

A: We do, under certain conditions. See this post for more information.


Q: What is the timeline of this game?

A: The game is set in the mid 21st century. The first officially recorded aliens landing on earth were in 2008, although folklore says that they have been coming for much longer than that. What your character believes is up to them.

Q: What is the theme of this game?

A: Alien Party is a deconstruction of two related genres of anime and manga: magical girl series (Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, etc.) and ordinary-schoolchildren-caught-up-in-extraordinary-events series (El Hazard, Bleach). The characters believe they are saving the world from an alien invasion but are really serving the agenda of sinister forces. These forces exploit the teenage desire to appear as a hero, lust for power and loneliness to achieve their agenda.

Q: How many characters can I have?

A: The current character limit is five. If you prove able to handle that many, we may allow more.

Q: Can I app characters from the same canon?

A: You may as long as they do not share a close relationship in canon. For instance you can app both Renge Hoshakuji and Nekozawa-sempai from Ouran High School Host Club but you cannot app both Hitachin brothers.


Q: How did my character arrive here?

A: They were born and raised in this world.

Q: What are the alien parties?

A: The alien parties are the teams of students and their symbiont partners that capture the aliens that land in and around the extensive grounds of [name of high school]. Alien parties may be composed symbiotic pairs of human and alien from any of the seven known clans, often leading to fierce rivalries. They are composed of between three and seven students and symbionts with one or two fully fused symbiont advisors.

Q: How did my character join one of the alien parties?

A: Your character can either have volunteered for the alien party or have been voted into it by their classmates or ordered into it by their parents or teachers. The alien parties recruit from children as young as elementary school age, all the way through college.

Q: Can I play a character who's not bonded to a symbiont?

A: Absolutely. The alien party members need friends and teachers too.

Q: Can my character have their canon powers in this RP?

A: Since this is an AU RP, your characters will not have their canon powers per se. However symbiosis with an alien gives the character powers they wouldn't normally have, as long as they participate in the alien parties. There are three clans of symbiont alien shown in the original Alien 9 series. We've added four more plus a human faction to give the players a maximum number of choices for how to adapt their character to the setting.

For instance, Ichigo from Bleach cannot have a Zanpakto, as sentient spirit swords do not exist in this setting. He could, however, join the Grari clan, whose powers include the formation of organic weapons. The symbiont attached to him would be sentient, as all the symbiont clan aliens are, and could have the same personality as his Zanpakto.

Q: Do the symbionts have names?

A: That is up to the character. Some name theirs, some don't.

Q: Are the symbionts sentient?

A: Symbionts are fully sentient and can talk independently of their hosts. Their voices tend to reflect the clan they come from. SkinLick symbionts, for instance, have voices that are whisper-like and rather disturbing.

Q: What kind of symbiont will my character get?

A: The choice is up to you, the player. It depends on what clan your character is recruited into and on the personality of the individual symbiont. However a character is always paired with a symbiont of the opposite sex.

Got a question? Post it here and we'll gladly answer it.
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